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T60 313 Jan 16 2021.jpg

T60 Project

Katbrat's cosplay project with Mantis 3D  was to create a full T60 Armor Set from the video game, Fallout76.  The armor was printed in pieces by Mantis, painted by Robert VanHaus, then Kat and her husband, CJ, segmented the pieces, shaped, molded, and engineered the complete set.

T60 281 May 25 2021.jpg
T60 Backpack 2.jpg
T60 285 Jan 16 2021.jpg
T60 313 Jan 16 2021.jpg
t60 helmet.png
PASF21 609 Aug 21 2021  (c)TheGeekGrid Studios. Photo by Funky Studios Photography.jpg
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