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Katbrat Studios provides Content Creation & Creative Thinking Services for individuals, professionals, and small businesses. We cover your events, products, services, interviews, blogs, newsletters, announcements, and more through Digital Art, Social Media, Commercial Videos and Photos, Streaming Podcasts and Videos on Demand (VOD), Workshops and Event Production.

KBS Services Features & Pricing


Physical and virtual workshops and webinars for gamification, educational entertainment, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Makers.

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Multimedia broadcasting and editing, videography, streaming, podcasting, photography. Commercials, short films, voice overs, etc.



Event management and coverage of Gamification, Edutainment, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Makers, streams and Video Games.



From logos & badges to cartoons and anime, Katbrat Studios, in partnership with VoidstarzART, can create a brand story for you or your company. 



V is our amazing Digital Artist & Content Creator who copes with Autism, Anxiety, Social Phobia, and Fibromyalgia. She was bullied in high school due to her Autism and digital art along with cosplay and anime helped her cope.


Currently V illustrates and animates original characters and comics, while writing creative storylines. Her complete passion lies in strange and quirky character designs with dark and unusual story telling.