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What's NEXT Tampa Expo 2023 to Showcase Entrepreneurs, Ideas, and Trends

FREE entry to find your next career, next startup, next trend, next discovery

TAMPA, Fla. (February 14, 2023) — Katbrat Studios, Tampa's Aerial & Digital Media Company, is pleased to announce they will produce the What's NEXT Tampa Expo 2023 this Fall at the Tampa Convention Center.


From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 30th, Professionals, Experts, Students, and Entrepreneurs from will come together for the annual What's NEXT Tampa Expo celebrating your NEXT big opportunity!.


“This is a great opportunity for new businesses, aspiring Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, and Working Professionals to discover that NEXT big move in their personal or professional life,” said Kat Mahoney, Founder of the What's NEXT Tampa Expo and owner of Katbrat Studios, the event producers. “The expo will bring together curious and eager minds looking for a change, an idea, a passion in success while showcasing some new and undiscovered businesses and careers.”


While the vendor list for the expo continues to grow, she said attendees would have the opportunity to explore demos, exhibits, careers, and attend engaging workshops and panels while networking with industry leaders.


“Our Speakers will provide inspiring ideas, advice, and tips for work+life balance,” Mahoney said. “Along with demonstrations, information, and showcase exhibits that will explore the NEXT big thing and its impact on various industries.”


A call for speakers and Sponsors also remains open. “There are still many opportunities available to be featured during the expo,” Mahoney said. “Speakers, Sponsors, and Vendors are welcome to apply for a spot to be part of the expo and we encourage Health, STEM, Artists, and other businesses who want to be the NEXT BIG THING for Tampa.”


For those looking to attend, she said the event offers Networking and Career opportunities, Business Startup Seminars, and Creative Connections.


“Whether you're a student, educator, entrepreneur, or a creative visionary, What's NEXT Tampa 2023 Expo is the place to be for businesses and consumers alike,” Mahoney said.


Registration is open now. For more information about the What's NEXT Tampa 2023 Expo, visit their website, or contact Kat Mahoney at

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