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A short story about magic, mystery, and a forgotten history uncovered by a teenage girl and a love for her family.

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Natalie Dewinter was an average teenage girl who seemed to carry the weight of life on her shoulders. With her parents separated, an irresponsible older brother, and an unhappy baby brother, Natalie burns herself out between school and an overburdened home life. Just when she was about to mentally break down, her family past reveals itself and takes her on a magical journey beyond her wildest dreams. As a direct descendant of a great wizard bloodline that has been secretly hidden to protect themselves from the grips of evil, Natalie learns she must master her new found powers in order to protect the bloodline once again.


This is the first book in the Forgotten Bloodline series. Mrs. Mahoney is currently working on the next book titled, Path to Eternity. The second book delves more into the magic and dark creatures that defile the Rift.

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