Robby the C-130 is the perfect military child's best friend and military parent APPROVED! Join Robby on his adventures!

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Robby the C-130 was born through the struggles of military life. Mrs. Mahoney raised three Autistic kids all 17 months apart while her husband, CJ, was deployed half the year as a C-130 Flight Engineer.  The character was created to help her own children learn what their father did and how to cope with the changes. Robby the C-130 was written by Kat Mahoney under her first name, Beth.


Mrs. Mahoney has over 40 years of military life and 20 years as a military speaker and advocate. Her goal with Kids of Americas Heroes was to establish a connection between schools, counselors, educators, and the military families. As a mother of three military kids who struggled with changing schools and special needs, it was imperative the military families had a voice in the education and mental health system.

Image by Aaron Burden